The blouse lexicon

A dirndl blouse is cut a little differently than a normal blouse and the selection is huge! They are available in every color and cut imaginable. To give you a better idea of which blouse suits your dirndl, here is a brief overview.

The puff sleeve models are clearly among the classic dirndl blouses. High-necked blouses with a stand-up collar and fine lace are also particularly popular and trendy at the moment. But the blouse versions have one thing in common: the enchanting dirndl cleavage.

The cut out/classic blouse

The basic rule is: choose a blouse that accommodates the bodice neckline of your dirndl. Blouses with a round neckline or high-necked blouses are best combined with classic rounded balcony necklines.
If the neckline is square, blouses with a square neckline or blouses with a sweetheart neckline fit well. If the bodice has a heart-shaped cut, you should definitely choose a heart-shaped blouse.

The high-necked dirndl blouse

High-necked dirndl blouses, some with stand-up collars, are absolutely trendy again this year. While this model was widespread at the beginning of the 20th century, over time it was replaced by lower-cut blouses. High-necked dirndl blouses are a nice alternative to low-cut dirndl blouses. You can combine this type of blouse with almost any dirndl neckline. With a high-necked blouse you can create an elegant look with any dirndl.
If you choose a high-necked blouse combined with fine lace, you're doing everything right when it comes to fashion at this year's Oktoberfest! Just make sure that the structure of your dirndl harmonizes with your lace blouse, otherwise the look will look too chaotic. With a dirndl blouse like this you will be an eye-catcher at the Kaiser Oktoberfest - we promise!

The colored blouse

We agree: the traditional dirndl blouse is white and an absolute classic. In the meantime, other colors have also become widespread in the world of traditional costumes. Dirndl wearers are increasingly turning to black, gray or nude-colored blouses. However, we would advise against bright colors: the dirndl blouse should not steal the show from the dirndl and should rather stay in the background.