The dirndl bow guide

Dirndl bow on the right side

"love engaged married"

According to tradition, if the wearer ties the bow on the right side, it means that she is in love, engaged or married. A simple mnemonic: on the right is the side where the wedding ring is usually worn. This means that the lady is either in a relationship or just wants to party in peace.

Dirndl bow on the left side


If the bow is tied on the left side, the wearer indicates that it is still available. So she is unmarried or even single. The chances of flirting are good, but be careful: This is of course not a free pass for intrusive advances! No remains no, no matter which side the bow is tied on.

Dirndl bow in the middle

Virgo or “none of your business!”

From a traditional perspective, if the dirndl bow is tied in the middle, it means that the lady is a virgin. This is why the bow in the middle is often found on very young wearers. However, the modern meaning is: “It’s none of your business!” – the dirndl wearer may simply want to keep her relationship status secret.

Dirndl bow tied at the back

Waitress, child or widow

The dirndl bow can of course also be tied at the back. But be careful: waitresses, children or widows are tied in the back. It is important for waitresses to carry their wallet at the front, as there is only room for the dirndl bow at the back. In some areas of Austria, such as the Salzkammergut, the apron is traditionally only tied at the back. But you can definitely find out with a few tactful questions.