Dirndl, lederhosen – history & trends

We ask the expert: Sascha Golitschek, Managing Director of Original Salzburger Tracht

How many different traditional costumes are there?

There are more than 800 traditional costumes in Austria. The history of dirndls goes back to the 19th century. The origin lies in Austria and Bavaria. Earlier
If dirndls were work clothes, each federal state has its own national costume. The dirndl has now established itself as fashionable clothing for festivals, customs, weddings and going to church. So a dirndl belongs in every woman's wardrobe so that she can be perfectly dressed at every event... After years of glittering dirndls, manufacturers are placing more and more emphasis on natural materials and the new simplicity.

The history of lederhosen

There are region-specific lederhosen, especially in western Austria. The best known is certainly the Salzkammergut, where lederhosen are embroidered by hand. Emperor Franz Josef liked to wear lederhosen for hunting in Ischl, so the aristocracy liked to wear the costume. When it comes to leather, goat suede and deer leather are preferred today.

Stutzen or Loferl?

Traditional costume socks are handcrafted by Original Salzburg in Waldviertler. Socks, socks and loafers were originally used to cover bare skin, especially when going to church.

Traditional shoe trends 2023 for her & him

Traditionally, the Haferlschuh is worn with leather trousers and an elegant shoe with a traditional clip. Nowadays, any shoe that you like – and, above all, is comfortable – can be combined with both the leather and the dirndl...

For what occasion, the right dirndl?

Traditionally, long dirndls are worn on elegant occasions such as balls or weddings. The knee-length 70cm has now replaced the long dirndl; at fairs, fairs and the Oktoberfest, lengths of 50 to 60cm are mainly worn.

Accessories & Accessories´

Any accessories such as matching hats and traditional costume jewelry are very trendy. It is also becoming more and more fashionable to wear “old” jewelry with modern costumes. Color-coordinated leather bags are very trendy.